The Prime Tech Boot Camp will be provided at 9 Locations in Eurasia between 2015 and 2027.

How to register as a volunteer?

Apply for volunteer role by following the standard register and evaluation process of all boot camp participants. (REF: Register as volunteer!)

Volunteers Benefits

Volunteers are welcome to join the boot camp organization teams online, abroad traveling and at location. Volunteers will receive benefits according to role, function, responsibility, ranking and performance. The benefits each volunteer will receive may vary according to case and elegibility (Ranking)

  • Prime Tech Training Units Free
  • Boot Camp Days Free
  • Gift Certificates for Boot Camp and Prime Tech Services and Events
  • e-books and videos
  • Coaching private or group sessions with LUIS
  • Private interviews with LUIS
  • Private Prime Tech Training online and at the field with LUIS
  • Travel and Accomodation expenses covered

Volunteers Collaboration

Volunteers will join an online international and interdisciplinary team, after evaluation of skills, abilities, capacity and consideration of role, function and responsibility that will be assigned to them. The evaluation program includes training, and tasks. While task development performance will be prised with points, as well will be given value to relationship, and trust, regarding responsibility and prime codex.

To Volunteer is a wonderful unique opportunity to join the Prime Tech Boot Camps

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers can take one or more roles

  • Online Volunteer : collaborates with organization, location set up ( Training, events, travel, leisure, culture and expeditions), volunteers recruiting, travel operation, online training program, web based publications, social media and networks, online community development, collaboration with online services providers. The team of online volunteers is stable and cares for all boot camps. Commitment 9 months or more, at least 5 boot camps.
  • Travel Volunteer: collaborates with organization and development of travel programs, travel corridor set up, travel volunteers recruiting, tour conductor, travel (on the road) training program, travel publications (e-books and media), spiritual archeology, leisure and culture expeditions, travel community developmen, collaboration with at travel corridor service providers. The travel programs include activities for boot camp participants that travel with LUIS between destinations. The travel volunteer team is stable and cares for the travel corridor development. Commitment of 9 months or at least 5 boot camps.
  • At location Volunteer: collaborates with organization and development of boot camp at location: welcome and information for guests, location activities and events conductor, assistance for events, trainings and expeditions, customer care, logistics, collaboration with at location service providers, volunteers recruiting. Coordinates with online and travel volunteers and collaborates with them. Commitment of 9 months or at least 3 boot camps.
  • At home base volunteer: collaborates with volunteers recruiting and training, coordinates online, travel, and at location volunteers, and other team members. Coordinate schedule, organization and synch of boot camps organization, HHRR, funding, wealth, marketing, sales, resources management; as well as schedule and coordinate LUIS travel, location and online activities. Is in charge of accounting, office, archive, publications edition and publishing, ranking, codex management; benefits for volunteers. Administrative role.

Volunteers Ranking

Volunteers evaluation will follow tasks assignment and ranking (REF Volunteers – Collaboration Ranking) which is a reference for volunteer benefits, role and responsibility.

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