• Intentional Register, by filling up an application form.
  • After intentional register you will receive every season a schedule of prime tech boot camps
  • Choose the Prime Tech Boot Camp you prefer, book it.
  •  Personalized program design (choose modules and numbers of days you prefer )
  • Travel and Accomodation services pre booking
  • Join the Prime Tech Boot Camp at the days and location scheduled.


In order to register please send an email to:

  • You will receive an application and register form.
  • All candidates to Boot Camp will need to fill an application form and join an evaluation program before they are welcome as Boot Camp Students ( White Belt)

Candidates Evaluation Program

  • The evaluation program can take Place online, abroad traveling or at the boot camp days. The candidates that are on the evaluation progra, may join their first Prime Tech Boot Camp, up to 9 units of training plus any amount of units provided by the Boot Camp as for Introduction to Prime Tech, take the preliminary practices, introduction, boot camp, agora, celebration modules. Only the ranking and advanced, night modules will be Limited to raning and advanced participants who are elegible to be students of prime tech. The evaluation program goal is to be welcome as candidate to White Belt.
  • Candidates to white Belt are welcome to join up to 3 boot camps.
  • White Belts can join a smany boot camps they wish.
  • Ranking, Advanced Training are dedicated only for Prime Tech students (White Belt Candidates and Rank Participants)

Join the Prime Tech Network

  • Leisure, Adventure, Travel Training and Events are dedicated only for Prime Tech Network Members.
  • Candidates can become Prime Tech Network members for one season trial period, or max. of 1 boot camp. The Prime Tech Network membership is included in the Prime Tech Boot Camp Register fees.

Early Booking

  • Book early a Place for a Prime Tech Boot Camp at your prefered Location, and receive gift certificates up to 2700 EUR. Gifts certificates may vary according to Boot Camp Location and how early you are booking.

Prepaid Card

  • Buy a Prime Tech Boot Camp Prepaid Card, and earn points as well win gift certificates, you may utilize for yourself or friends, in order to reduce the fees for participation in the Boot Camps. Prepaid cards available from 500 EUR to 9000 EUR

Funding Auctions

  • Support Luis research and projects by booking a funding auction or unique personlized service. earn points and gift certificates.

Money Back Guaranty

  • May apply only at certain locations. Register fees are not included. If early Booking may apply according to conditions described in the application and register form.

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