Wealth-ability Rank

REF. www.prime-wealth.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

Wealth-ability as for the ability to generate, sustain, increase, and create heritage out of own wealth dedicated too own ethical values (REF Prime Culture Codex)

  • 9+. Prime Wealth Independent
  • 9. Quantum Wealth generator
  • 8. Global Wealth: global wealth generator
  • 7. Multi location, Multicultural wealth: ability to generate wealth in more than one location, nation, culture simultaneously.
  • 6. Travel wealth: on the road wealth generator
  • 5. Location, Network, culture based wealth generator
  • 4. Organization base wealth
  • 3. Team based wealth
  • 2. Family, couple, male-female generator of wealth
  • 1. Wealth self generator
  • 0. 100% wealth dependency


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