The 9 Lovabilities

Includes abilities in the 9 stages of love, as well as in the following lovability ranking fields: (REF Lovability & Prime Love )


The 9 Stages of Love

0. Ego based. i love means, only me, what for me is important, what i WANT the other must adjust him/herself to what i do and prefer for myself.

1. Deal: i love means to compromise, but as a strategy to reach only me, what for me is important, what i WANT. the other must adjust him/herself to what i do.

2. Winer-Winer: i love means, not only me, but all that for me is important, what i WANT, but also what the other WANT. A deal where we both compromise and receive the maximum of benefits each of us wish seems to be more razonable and productive, more balanced, more appealing for collaboration and ease as self motivation and satisfaction is in both sides to tangibly experienced. But all is still based on what i WANT

3. Collaborate-Cocreate: i love means, we both win, and we win more when we collaborate, when we co-create. What for me is important and for you is important, what i WANT and what you WANT. We find a middle razonable point as common aim to work for. Human nature and life bring us to the same path. To care for each other seems to make more sense. Co-creation is an act of celebration and enjoyment where to flow.

4. We: i love means, what we WANT. according to an agreement we have that is priority in life and what we wish to achieve for both of us. We is clearly more powerful than one or few of us. What our co-created world wants, that is where and how we experience love, as a couple, family, community, culture. We create, love, do, live, care. But there are many WEs still.

5. One-ness : I love means i see you as another me. If i do, i do also caring for your best, realization and benefit, it is not only about we, but about YOU as you are another me. That is what i WANT. But still my perception is filled with what I consider and prefer as ideal for you, as we both are one, what i perceive you are and i am is leading me to make decisions, choices, create life, for all of us as one.

6. Inner-one-ness: I love means i see first within myself all possible expressions of my own core heart. There are many dimensions where i express myself, those have been manifested created by my own core within my own heart. I am all my self expressions and i love my self in all of them. We are one. Then i care for what all this aspects of my self need, first. According to this new process created by fulfilling their need ( a need i know and describe as given by my own heart) i interact with my outer world and by recognize them as non equal but as for having all of us access to same core (the source of all that is), i let the other ones be as they are and do what they do.

7. Power in love. As a being with all divine qualities, powers and capacities being awakened, i act, by knowing all i wish i can manifest. I live my power, i live my bliss, i live my heart. But here i am still blinded by it, by the edges and limits of my own perception and consciousness. I do again what i want as all i do is possible and changes in the whole creation are meant to be done by me. I become one with all i am, within my self and around myself. I create my life, and take responsibility of it. I create my world and develop it, unfold it according to my own will, as for reasons of self enjoyment. But i still do what i WANT.

8. Divine LOVE. As a divine being i act in accordance and alignment with divine principle, following the path of prime self union (union with the source of all that is), by applying divine self responsibility in every action (the path of divine action), in harmony with nature of every single dimension or possible realm or state of consciousness. from my original core i reach the one of prime source, my origen and destiny in every action, in every breath. My world is seen by divine perception, is sensed by divine senses, is created by divine action, is itself divine as for the divine principles it is aligned within and with. While i live and create as a divine being i still align my self to the aspects of the divine i WANT.

9. Prime self union. I am expression of prime source itself. All i do, in my perfected imperfection and imperfected perfection is perfect and right, as well as all is right and have a place and sense for divine perception in prime self union. All my weaknesses are strength and strength weaknesses, all my power is love and my love power, all events in my past have been perfectly and imperfectly developed, unfolded, and that is will be and have been right; all i do in any form and any realm and dimension of my self is perfect by perception of prime source, the core and nature of all that is itself. There is nothing i am have been or will be that can escape from being source self expression itself there for all is right in all times, realms, dimensions, universes within my inner world and with-in the world i live. My love is expressed through all that is, i am all the qualities of the divine expressing itself consciously, subconsciously, seen or invisible, known or unknown. I am in prime self union, have been, will be. there for i am love, prime love, being self express through my own heart and my own life and my own action.

9+ I Teach love through my life, in prime self union

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