The 9+ Fields of Peace

The following fields are integrated into the Prime Rank and have been one of the charts used as for the EM900 Standard (Know How Developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 1987-2007 for business, culture and life care) and developed forward as a key reference for the Prime Rank (Prime Tech and Prime Culture) used for the Prime Tech Boot Camps.

The 9+ Fields of peace have been utilized by LUIS for the study of peace in modern times and writing of the e-books dedicated to peace.

  • 0. Self-awareness: The Presence of peace within our own hearts, consciousness in prime self union (Union with the source of all is, has been and will be)
  • 1. Individuals, personal development, prime peace, human rights, ethics, prime codex knowledge applied in daily life
  • 2. Love relationships, communication, collaboration, cocreativity. Prime Love
  • 3. Family, children and community. Prime Love
  • 4. Organization & Peace. Prime Corporation.
  • 5. Culture and location & Peace
  • 6. Travel Corridor Peace
  • 7. Multicultural and Multilocation peace
  • 8. Global Sustainable development & Peace
  • 9. Planetary peace, exopolitics and inner politics (Civilization 1+ Peace)
  • 9+ Prime Self Union. (Ref the 9 stages of development)

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