The 9 Belts

Ranking, The 9 Belts

“”Self-transformation is necessary. With self-awareness, access to own inner power is possible, then responsibility plays a key role. Self-oneness oneness, is the ideal strategy. With self-responsibility, action is necessary. Self-enjoyment is then the ideal strategy. When action is into the field of the work, self-loving love is mandatory! Act! The path of action is in itself a self-transformative adventure. Action is mandatory for organic-self-integration of knowledge. Knowledge is only accessible through direct self-experience in the field of the work.    ” ~  L D Maldonado Fonken

The 9 Belts

The 9 Belts need to be combined with the 5 stages of development, skills achieved on preliminary and advanced practices, the prime culture codex,  ranking, and the 9 KI

A candidate to prime tech Boot Camp may be welcome up to 9 training units as for a first stage of an evaluation process.  After evaluation process is complete, the candidate, if elegible, may receive the WHITE BELT.

Every Belt has 9 dots, which complete on cycle of learning. Some belts may have black, green, blue, yellow or golden dots.

A groundbreaking path of self-transformation.

  • 9+
  • 9   GOLDEN BELT: Quantum surfing
  • 8   Black Belt DAN 5: Mastering the ocean waves
  • 7   GREEN BELT: Becomming the sound of the river, the sound of the ocean, the waves.
  • 6   Black Belt DAN 4: Riding the giants
  • 5   Black Belt DAN 3: Expressing the wisdom of the ocean, the dolphins and surfing.
  • 4   Black Belt DAN 2: Surfing as an acrobat on the waves.
  • 3   Black Belt DAN 1:  Enjoying the art of surfing
  • 2   BLUE BELT: Having fun with the waves
  • 1   YELLOW BELT: The first waves might roll you but you wont harm yourself
  • 0   WHITE BELT: Be and do who you are, tottally

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