Self-education Rank

The education academic  rank is being adjusted to a self education rank, which impply to first become aware of learning and learning to learn, also to make choices regarding what to learn and how.

The main intention of this rank is to identify tangible abilities of application regarding or in references to the prime culture codex.

  • 0.information
  • 1.tangible skills out of experience of application
  • 2.capacity of creating products/services, innovation
  • 3.capacity of making a business out of them
  • 4.capacity of self-learning out of the business process experience/ and personal experience in private life
  • 5.capacity of dealing with human factor
  • 6.capacity of increasing complexity and refining simplicity
  • 7.capacity of integration of advanced levels of management
  • 8.ability to think, perceive, sense, do, live: out of the box
  • 9.authenticity. to be real! and see/experience things for what they are!

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