Prime Tech 9EΘ Rank

Prime Tech 9EΘ Rank

There are 9EΘ ( 9×10**Θ)(ΘEΘ)(REF Prefix) (REF Θ Value/ΘMath )main mandalas and up to 9EΘ Elements utilized by the EM900, NSD, SAAP, TIQS, GB,HS, PL, Prime Peace, Prime Love, Prime Self union, and Prime Tech Systems created By Luis Daniel Maldonado as for expressions of prime technology applied.

.A complete description of the mandalas, fields of application, indicatores, methods, practices and solutions associated you will find in our publications and websites 

The Prime Tech 9EΘ Standard integrates self-awareness, multilevel/multidimensional sustainability, groundbreaking, Natur principles, organic models of development, and elements management into one single system of 9+0 levels. 

The Prime Tech 9EΘ standard represents also the field of application and practice, training and provides the fields of study. Systemic analysis tools are utilized in combination with the standard, know how solutions, practices and methods.

Expertise in the application of the know how, methods, practices, within the field of the work and training described by the Prime Tech 9EΘ is suggested by this ranking.

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