Lifestyle Traveler

  • 9. GLOBAL CITIZEN:  Foundation travel, as member founder of of a Foundation, legacy project dedicated to travel and global citizenship, Banking, Holding, Group, Emporium or Funding ( 9+ years travel)
  • 8. CORP TRAVEL:Corporate travel, community building, travel projects self sustained (8-9+ years travel)
  • 7. BIZ TRAVEL: Business travel, ground own businerss, sustain own travel (7-8 years travel)
  • 6. NON PROFIT TRAVEL :NGO founder, travel as member of a NGO or association, or travel club (6-7 years travel)
  • 5. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL: Free lance traveler ( 5-6 years travel)
  • 4. JOBBER Travel jobs, ( 4-5 years travel)
  • 3. TRADE Workaway, woofing, work trade (3-4 years travel)
  • 2. RESPONSIBLE Responsible  travel, collaboration with sustainable development, volunteer ( 2-3 years travel)
  • 1. SOLO One Year Continuous Travel
  • 0. BORNED TRAVELR: Tourist

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