Kung Fu Panda Rank

The Kung Fu Panda Rank Chart is extremely important, as in every Prime Tech cluster, there is at least one.

Honoring my most beloved students, the Kung Fu Panda Rank

    • 0. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  Curious
    • 1. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  Oh! i am the chosen one ?
    • 2. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  Should i hit it too?
    • 3. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I am not made for this, i want to learn Kung Fu.
    • 4. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  You cant change myself, change me please!
    • 5. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I work hard, i have fun, i build up skills!
    • 6. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I run away! life keep me back.
    • 7. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I face it, i apply my heart and all i learned
    • 8. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I have the power, i am the Dragon Warrior
    • 9. Level  KUNG FU PANDA :  I am my self
    • 9+ Level  KUNG FU PANDA :   I am THE TAO

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