Culture-Ability Rank

There are more than 9 cultures each individual is able to be self aware of.  According to culture-ability ( cultural self-awareness, capacity of application of the prime culture codex for all own cultures, co creation ability, which means ability of upgrading and generating a collaborative evolution of a culture ) the following ranking have been set.

  • 9+ Prime culture awareness, cocreationability
  • 9. Multidimensional / Quantum culture awareness, cocreationability
  • 8. Global cultural awareness, cocreation ability
  • 7. Multicultural awareness, cocreation ability
  • 6. Traveler culture awareness, cocreation ability
  • 5. National / Regional Culture awareness, cocreation ability
  • 4. Organizational Culture awareness, cocreation ability
  • 3. Collective culture awareness, cocreation-ability
  • 2. Culture co-creator-ability
  • 1. Culture generator self-ability
  • 0. Culture Awareness

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