Civilization 9+

0. Fuel from  death plants, oil, coil

1. Planetary civilization in space, control power of a planet

2.Control stars, play with stars, they are immortal, nothing known to science can destroy it, not even the death of their sun, they can move their planet, reignite their star, find a new planet in space. (Planets federation) Control power of a star

3.  Galactic. Control the planck energy, gateways, portals, multiversum.  Control power of a galaxy

4.  Qontinum, The Q. Control power of the Qontinum

5.  Demigods, control de powers of the (5 down to 0) downline civilizations.

6.  Innerversum. Control the power of the innerversum.

7. Gods Control the power of the divine verse.

8.The Gods and the goddesses in prime self union. Expressions of the prime source of all that is have been and will be within their own hearts.

9. The Prime Versum

9+. Prime Self Union

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