For each study program there is a ranking which consider technical abilities, experience in the field of application, capacity of technology transfer, self-management capacity, collaboration capacity and other indicators as follows:

The ranking is used for Prime Tech Practitioners to identify clear goals and design development process for themselves.

The ranking is signed with Belts, Dots, Stars, Roles and Responsibility Functions.

A Prime Tech trainer may have Belts and levels of expertise at more than one study program, the ranking information associated to practitioner profile serves also as for communication and collaboration purpose between practitioners,

Thanks to the ranking practitioners can better learn from each other example, and honor each other dedication and commitment.

One white belt blue dot may have technology transfer ability level 5, for which may already provide training on preliminary practices. As well a Black Belt may have 3 stars only, while a white belt may have 27 stars. A Blue belt may have only 3600 points, while a Black belt 500 Points. A Green belt may have a CEO role, while achieved a Stage of love 6; while a black belt may have also a CEO role but achieved a stage of love 5. The ranking is a personalized mirror on each Prime Tech user and practitioner journey. Also a good training for the prime tech Network on the importance on judgement, value, knowledge, presence and abilities.

REF: The quantification of the human value



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