Prime Tech Matrix 9+
The Prime Tech
Matrix 9+

Consider a matrix of 9+ dimensions, which has an holofractal quantum nature.
At this matrix, a decision made at one single point of any of the processes developed, ongoing, i the past =present=future of any dimension will trigger a chain reaction in all processes on going in past =present=future at all dimensions of the Matrix.
The art of the Prime Culture for decision making, increase efficiency, maximize results, with minimum investments.



NLP crew on action… tears falling… just a little bit they did not mention, the fruits are like the seeds… america became what it was defined to become by the principles that built it… it was not just an accident, but even an intentional designed process… a demigods land…

One day you will try to solve your problems beyond neuro linguistic brain programming and see what you have become by doing so, generation after generation… control-freaks…

I would like you to read this site and identify your issues

and work on the solutions, or call me for me to give you a hint, the first option will cost you alot of efforts, honesty and work, heart, divine bliss… the second option, to call me for help, will cost you alot of efforts honesty, work heart, divine bliss and MONEY! your choice..

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Life & death, conception, co-creation, love making, spiritual development, lifestyle and anti-aging practices in the Prime Culture.



Life & death, conception, co-creation, love making, spiritual development, lifestyle and anti-aging practices in the Prime Culture.

How to apply Prime Technology for Anti-Aging ?

Every one  alive interested into anti aging is not a child anymore. Life left marks on all and those marks need to be correctly understood, when preventive or regenerative practices to be applied.

Simple, easy to apply advice, methods, practices, techniques, as well as travel destinations and leisure activities suggested by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

PRIME WEALTHABILITY e-Learning Program (e-book) 5 Months e-learning, 18 Chapters, e-Worksbooks, Methods, 9 Belts for self-study


e-Learning Program (e-book)
5 Months e-learning,  18 Chapters, e-Worksbooks, Methods, 9 Belts for self-study

BUY IT NOW in PDF, 279 Pages

Develop the ability to feel gratitude, joy and happiness for own wealth, property and money; to perceive them as an expression of love and self love, as a blessing for your life, dreams, visions and freedoms, for your family, community and culture, for peace and life care, for heritage.

THIS e-BOOK will guide you along a Journey back to your heart, to a live where your own wealth will be appreciated, loved, celebrated.

The e-book includes training program of 9 minutes, gamification of wealthability ( learning by playing missions), 9 purifications of the earth elements practices in detail, enquire, excersices, -eworkbooks, assessment and analysis tools.

18 Chapters, for the 9 Belts of wealthability, plus complementary reading materials (*)

INDEX of content online available here:×300.jpg




Notice that if you have bought the e-book, you have the right to 5 months e-learning, including video lessons, and 1 session e-coaching and assessment on skype 135 min with the author with no additional fees. In order to join the e-learning program just send your transaction code, number, by email to  or contact the author by skype @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken (Message code: Wealthability)

The e-learning program runs within a private platform only for registered members.